COC Thailand Staff


COC Thailand is made up of a richly diversified multinational staff.  Each one is Spirit filled, full of faith, and highly competent in their areas of focus.  They have each paid a high price to be a part of this work and see it advance for the glory of God.

  • Pastor Jonathan Vickers – Founder, National Chairman, Pastor of House of Praise Church and COC Asia Coordinator
  • Pastor Judy Vickers – Staff Care and Well Being, Media
  • Becky Ya – Kham – Secretary to the Chairman for COC International Relations
  • Pastor Wichai Ya – Kham – Assistant Pastor of Thai Church, Board of Directors-Haven
  • Pastor Boy – Thai Church Pastor, Vice President of COC and Haven Foundations
  • Pastor Esther – Overseer for Children’s Homes, Board Member COC and Haven Foundations, Thai Church Pastor
  • Pastor Sai – Burmese Ministry Overseer
  • Dr. Jane Edwards – Coordinator for Haven Foundation Programs, Staff Physician, Trainer
  • Jenny McKechnie – COC Day Care Teacher
  • David McKechnie – Promotions and Marketing Director
  • Yorlah Janee – Graphics Dept Assistant Manager
  • Denis Gorsz – IT Director & Webmaster
  • Yuila Jachee – E-commerce Manager
  • Somkit – E-commerce Assistant
  • Branom – Finance Dept Assistant
  • Suthat – Finance Dept Assistant
  • Shayne Rochfort – Overseer of Legal Dept
  • Pi Chai – Legal Dept Assistant-Work Permits, Visas, Foundation Legal Issues
  • Jeow – COC Day Care Translator
  • Ar To – Maintenance & Grounds
  • Pa Oh – Haven Building Team Manager
  • Eh Bow – Apprentice Haven Building Team Manager
  • Dee – Apprentice Haven & COC Building Handyman
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